Always think the best

Always think the best especially when you are seeing the worst …

Life’s funny like that. Yin and Yang laws dictate that there is always an opposite side to something. That includes pain and all the other negatives that life can throw at you.

At times when your life is clouded in darkness it can be so easy to get consumed by it. But the reality is, on the other side of darkness is always light and even if you cannot see it – it is still there! And by appreciating this fact even when you cannot see it, this is what will bring you contentment and inner strength.

Eventually the light will shine on you. You will be rewarded. Crucially though throughout the dark times it will be your own mind that decides if you want to acknowledge this truth and be happy or ignore it and self inflict negative feelings upon your mind.

Life is simple, life is short. Living it doesn’t need to be taught.

Grow this ....