good almighty

Do you believe in Good-Almighty

If you believe in Good-Almighty you will know there is a positive lesson to be learnt in everything you experience. One that makes you feel greater. Whether you live your life feeling happy will depend on this ability to have firm faith and belief in Good. Without it you face the opposite and who wants to choose that?

The older I get the tougher life seems to get in many ways. It can be easy to slip into a sense of gloom. Lately I have had an awakening though which is based on the positivity concept but also blends into spirituality.

But let me make this very clear when I mention the play on words of ‘Good-Almighty’. I am not backing any particular religion by mentioning the power of Good. I am simply sharing with others an opportunity that we know will change our lives and those around us for the better.

I am starting to believe that Good should be our focus. Whether people want to hijack the word and say it belongs to their god is up to them. As long as their actions are always focusing on good then there is no problem.

If someone from ISIS wants to latch onto Good and declare their Islamic God is Good – GREAT! FANTASTIC! From the moment they decide this and they then show they can spread goodness where ever they go I will welcome them into Good as a brother / sister.

And if you are at all unsure what Good is, these 5 Holiest Rules help define how you should act. If you break any of these you are not being good and so you cannot claim that your god is Good.

An old English saying is the “The Proof is in the Pudding” – in other words if any religion wants to say their god is better than others and the only one true god, fine, prove it. Don’t kill, don’t abuse, don’t break the 5 holiest rules and make this world a better place and perhaps others will start to believe you.

Hopefully though the one thing we can all believe in is Good. After all who doesn’t want good in their lives?

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