Endurance is about never giving up …

This quote was inspired by the latest Mo Fara advert for Nike, shown above.

Endurance is about never giving up

The worst thing about hearing stories of suicide is the fact that we will never know what happy future the victim could have achieved. And I am not talking about those who kill themselves because they are 102, can’t walk and have terminal cancer, I actually think euthanasia has its place and will eventually be recognised.

I am talking about people like my old friend who was only in his late teens when he decided to walk into the sea and never return. I knew him well. He had his life ahead of him. Obviously whatever pain he was carrying seemed insurmountable, but this is my point about endurance.

If you can just hold on to your dream and keep enduring the sh*t that life throws at you (because let’s face it that is Life), then I promise you good times will unravel.

What we know for certain is, giving up will bring you a guaranteed result every time. You will fail.

Knowing this fact is awesome because according to yin and yang law the opposite must be true.

So whatever dream you have in mind – whether it be a dream about finding a happy relationship or achieving a business goal – I recommend you write it down now. In fact I recommend you write it down everywhere you can: on your phone memos, on your calendar, on a post-it note on the fridge … the purpose of this is to keep you focused on achieving your dream and charging your daily energy with doing everything you can to achieve it.

Please don’t let your dreams fade. In fact get as many people on your side. Tell your friends and family – heck your coworkers too – and anyone you meet anywhere! The more you tell people about your dream the more the laws of attraction will kick into gear and bring you closer to obtaining it.

And for those of a certain age, don’t think because you are 81 years old and have tried everything to achieve a dream and you still haven’t achieved it means this theory is wrong. Keep on hoping. Keep enduring. Keep smiling. Because the most fantastic thing about life is you NEVER know what is around the corner. Nobody knows so why not think the best thoughts about your future destiny, after all choice is free to use and you can choose to be positive. Why choose the opposite if it makes you feel bad?

If you watched the video above you will have seen that Mo Fara has gone through a heck of a lot of pain to become a World Champion. Crucially both his physical and mental endurance is something that grew the more he “endured” the path towards his goal. And looked what he has achieved! And you know what result giving up would have brought him, don’t you – So don’t you ever give up on your dream!

Another example is this blog of mine. I have designed it over and over again because something unknown is pushing me to keep refining it. I have been hacked and thwarted by all kinds of things but I am still here, still writing my message. And if I had given up – that’s right – you are learning!

Let me leave you with the lyrics to the Mo Fara video:

You smiled a smile that made it look easy.
Made people stop and stare.
The happiness you felt you gave it so freely
They would never guess what got you there.

To be precise I mean the sleepless nights, I mean the
Uphill struggle to the steepest heights

And in that space of your lonely performance
Suddenly you become your own reassurance
That’s when you realise you don’t need assurance –
Only endurance.

You fought through the darkest hours of the night.
So this is light work, the power is in the mind.

Now you’re adorned in the glory of the final mile.
And it’s all in the story behind your smile.

Grow this ....