Good to care

It is good to share because it shows you care

Sharing is simple to do but yet humans don’t always do it.

Sharing is powerful. Sharing does not have to be about sharing physical objects, it can also be about sharing your thoughts.

Where mental health is concerned, sharing your thoughts allows you to break your inner turmoil bubble. Usually you find that if you share what you have been thinking, any negative thoughts instantly weaken.

If rich countries shared their wealth nobody would be poor. If lottery winners shared their huge wins to their whole street there would be more people to feel elated…

Ah, I can see I have hit that human raw nerve. I can hear your thoughts: ‘I wouldn’t share my lottery winnings to the whole street…’

And in that one thought our belief in Good Almighty can start to u turn towards a more negative outcome.

Don’t get me wrong. The yin and yang laws of nature balancing means that it is impossible for one person to be 100% good all of the time. But if you can learn to share more when you are able to, then you will find that more good spreads to others and in turn it again spreads to the people they are in contact with.

I challenge you today to think of the ways you can share. For me it may simply be sharing a warm smile to someone I pass in the street whilst walking my dog. What can and will you share today to make this world a better place?

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