The moment you think

The moment you think is the moment you step away from just being

If you have read my post about Everything and how we are all one being in our absolute form, you will know what I mean when I say that “Being” is about letting yourself tune into nature itself (as well as other unknown things). In such a state there is no room for anything but extreme wondrous feelings which only tapping into the source of everything can bring something.

Putting it simply. If you find your being you do not require anything else. You could say it is perfection itself, although stating this word immediately detracts from the purity of being at one with everything.

This quote describes how humans easily lose their being by nature of their human form. This is not necessarily a bad thing, humans should live their lives in their form.

Furthermore, a brilliant aspect about being human is the ability to imagine not being in a physical form. Humans can stretch their mind to imagine and explore something else that may not be tangible, something magical, loving and peaceful. Like “Being”: A feeling every human innately tries to find from the moment they are born.

So if you want to tap into just being, to forget your daily troubles, always remember this simple quote:

Grow this ....